Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something looks strange...

You may have noticed a little something different about our website this morning. It's all new! Yes, this secret project of ours has been in the making for months and we felt it was time to let it out for everyone to use! We truly hope everybody likes the new look and feel of, but we realize that some people might not adjust too quickly to the big change, so here's a breakdown of a couple of key new features.

This is our new top menu. It's visible on every page on the site, and serves as a quick way to get to anywhere from anywhere. Clicking on the top-most menu brings you to the main section of each header, but if you hover over it with your mouse you're presented with a drop-down menu with more specific choices for that section. Looking for Miele upright vacuums? Just go to Household vacuums, then Miele, then click Miele Uprights to go directly to our selection!

Next up, on our central vacuum pages we now have what's called a "breadcrumb" bar above each page. It's a handy tool that shows you exactly where you are, and easily lets you travel up a category. Looking at Drainvac units and want to quickly view our other brands? Simply click "central vacuums" and you'll be taken right to our main central vacuums page.

Next up is our new QuickFind Menu. As you can see, once you're in a central vacuum manufacturer's section, it lets you easily view other sections in that manufacturer's selection. Say you're looking at the vacuum units and would like to see some VacPan kits for it. Just click the "VacPan Kits" link and you'll be taken to our selection of VacPans for that manufacturer. Quick and easy, right?

Our bags page has been completely redone, making it even easier to find the bags you need. Now, on one central page, you can find bags for any manufacturer and model we have on with just one click!

There are many more new things on the site to help you get around easier, and more currently under development. Again, we hope you enjoy using the new, and if you have any suggestions, comments, or would like to report something not working as intended please don't hesitate to drop us a line via our always-on phone number or through email. We've worked very hard on this site and want it to be the best it can be to better serve our excellent customers!
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