Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motor Size Isn't Everything

The most important component in any central vacuum system is the motor. There are four major suppliers to the central vacuum industry, Ametek Lamb Electric, the European made Domel, GS Motors and most recently the China made motor. These companies make several different motors which a central vacuum manufacturer can utilize. Some of these motors differ dramatically in cost, performance and reliability. When comparison shopping also look at the motor warranty. Simply put the longer the warranty the more confident the manufacture is in their product.

Some suppliers will say that the size of the motor is everything when it comes to suction power. Though in the past that may have been true, the European motor manufacturer Domel has been supplying high-efficiency 2300W 5.7" diameter motors that are even more powerful than the general 7.2" diameters, they are also much quieter and even more reliable. It has easily become Europe's best 5.7" diameter motor with a life-span of 18-30 years. And there have been some instances where they would last beyond 40 years, with of course proper maintance to the system.

When talking about Airflow, it's not the true measure of suction, it is simply the measure of the "volume" of air the motor is capable of moving and works in tandem with "Suction". Performance measurements are taken from the motor and do not factor any resistance found in a typical central vacuum system, such as, pipes, elbows, and inlets, this where the unreliability of the measure comes in place, when looking for true "suction" measurements. There is an equation that calculates roughly the true measure of suction, or Airwatts is it the combination of Airflow and Waterlift divided by 8.5 and there you have your Airwatts. Waterlift measures the suction strength of a central vacuum motor. Essentially, it tells how much "pull" or "lift" power the motor has. This measurement does not take into account piping, hoses or accessories etc., thus giving a false measurement of power.

So when looking for a new central vacuum makes sure that you're getting the right one for you and your home. Don't get conned into an inferior system. Remember Airwatts is the way to go.

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